In Eraze That! ™ you design your own path.

Design platforms to overcome obstacles or traps, clear the enemies you will find in your way, use the environment and platforms to find the easiest path or use them to collect all the game coins and get more points and rewards.

From the beginning you will have at your disposal your faithful pencil with which you can draw platforms, which will allow you to move up through the various levels of the Paperverse ™.

Use the eraser to defeat the ink enemies. Give them a good clean up.

Try to use the environment to your advantage. Some special platforms will allow you to reach areas located very high.

Others will even teleport you.

But be careful, the Paperverse ™ is a very dangerous place and there will be many accidents that will lead you to have to re-start your adventure.

Don’t worry though, there are so many boosters that can help you.