Middle Finger Entertainment (MIDFIN) is an Italian startup born in the aftermath of the Covid pandemics. 

Our vision leverages the concept of “primitivistic art”. We think that real innovation starts from square one: like the black square of Malevič. 

Video games are the eighth art form, and we strive to show it to everyone. 

We take video games seriously.

Following the pandemic, Edoardo Cirone, tired of his previous job in the film industry, decides to follow his true passion, video games.

He immediately contacts Gianluca Perusi, concept artist and great friend he met at the BigRock academy who turns the proposal to Simone Sommaggio, developer and indefectible Gamer, who he accepts with abundant unconsciousness.

After having drafted a pitch and structured a GameDesign document, the total absence of money seemed an insurmountable obstacle but thanks to the interception of Paolo Torchitti and the visionary courage of Franco Boldi we enter a business incubation process that sees us still under the protective wing of Xeos.it srl.

Management Help and Motivator:

Paolo Torchitti 

Music and Positivity:

Gianluca Robustelli

Sami Bianchi

Social Media Menagement and a Lot of calls:

Loris de Santis

Simone Giordano

Art Freelance and Great Fan:

Debora Guzzo

3D model and A big Heart:

Deborah “Morgana Pinzi


In collaboration with:



With the Blessing of:

 San Franco Boldi

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